Customer Case Study: EBox

Internet & Telephony Provider


ElectronicBox (EBox) is an independent Internet service provider (ISP) offering high speed DSL and telephony services throughout Eastern Canada for over 20 years.

Download the case study to learn why EBox chose to colocate with Cologix in Montreal with infrastructure redundancy to ensure their 35,000+ customers are always connected.

Cologix Benefits for Network Service Providers:

  • Seamless and Easy Access to Customers and Providers Within Our Data Centers

  • Increase Customer Reach in Emerging Markets

  • Access Networks to Optimize Costs

  • Improve Performance

Download the Case Study

"As an ISP, it is vital for our business to connect to multiple networks both locally and globally, ideally close to the core network routes. Cologix meets that need with their robust 75+ network and service provider ecosystem within Montreal’s carrier hotel at 1250 Rene Levesque." ElectronicBox CEO Jean-Philippe Béique